The three R’s - Write, Read and Review

Posted on : Feb 15, 2024

 If you are an astute customer - especially when making a big purchase - you'll understand the importance of reading reviews about your intended new item. While some websites provide user reviews on the same page as the product, you can also visit trusted review specific websites such as AgedAdvisor, PriceSpy, or Consumer.


Why bother?

Review websites in particular offer a platform for consumers to share their experiences and for businesses to gather feedback, build trust, and improve their offerings. According to Google, nearly 9 in 10 consumers view online reviews as important as a personal recommendation. For business owners, it's a no brainer: 31% of customers are likely to spend more on a business with excellent reviews, while 86% of people won't be so keen to purchase from a business that has negative online reviews.

Let's break down the benefits:
  • We all like to have social proof. By that, we mean we're more likely to make a purchase if others around us agree that it is a good decision. Online reviews are the biggest source of social proof.

  • If your product has a steady stream of positive reviews, you're going to build significant trust and credibility, making your business more trustworthy.

  • Reviews are an increasingly essential tool for decision making. Reviewers can help you gauge the quality of a product or service. If a product has consistently positive reviews you're more likely to see it as a sign of reliability and performance.

  • It's a great way to have an open line of communication with your customers or with the seller. Companies respond to comments, reinforce positive reviews with thanks, and give them a way to quickly rectify a poor review.

  • By leaving reviews, consumers can provide feedback to businesses, helping them improve their products or services. Your reviews can have a positive impact on the businesses you like and support.

  • One of the most important positives is giving you the opportunity for comparative shopping. If it's difficult to choose between similar products or services you can view them side by side to choose the one that best meets your needs and budget with the assurance of others' independent experience.

Don't just take our word for it!

Pop onto the website of some well known companies such as Harvey Norman or Chemist Warehouse and scroll through the comments and reviews on products that might interest you. Using reviews in conjunction with good personal judgement will help you make a better purchasing decision. It's a beautiful cycle, others' shared experiences help you to make a more informed decision and in response, when you post a review you're helping many others to make well-informed decisions of their own. Do you have an opinion to share on an Aged Care facility in Aotearoa? No time like the present - your two cents might make all the difference! https://www.agedadvisor.nz/rating-supplier


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