The importance of online reviews

Posted on : May 02, 2024

AgedAdvisor does for the Aged Care and Retirement living sector what TripAdvisor does for travel experiences, food and accommodation. Both exist to showcase the star suppliers - the authentic experiences that every customer wants the inside knowledge on.
Over 90% of all reviews on AgedAdvisor are good or great - which does highlight the superior level of care and facilities that each property in New Zealand has.
But the reviews that are below average, terrible or even worse, are just as important. AgedAdvisor wants everyone to share their experience, and if that means that the experience is not great, then the resident has to have an outlet to be able to share what they are going through. Bad reviews only lead to better knowledge, and eventually to better service. 
We all want our senior generation cared for in the best possible way. Over the years AgedAdvisor has seen many facilities become accountable for their inconsistency or decreasing service. We are proud when we hear many of the facilities listening to the reviews and taking active steps to make things right and improve in the areas that the reviews brought to attention. 
Next year AgedAdvisor is expanding the awards and are making them bigger and better than ever. Make sure you place your reviews throughout the year, because every review does count. You could help get your facility across the line to take home a prized AgedAdvisor winners trophy or Finalists certificate! 
Head to www.agedadvisor.nz/awards to see all of this years winners and finalists.